What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine. It takes into account all the factors which influence health – constitution, diet, lifestyle, childhood illnesses, emotional problems.

There is an equally wide range of treatment options. The ones that I can offer are Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Soft laser (pain-free), Micro-current (pain free) and Herbal tinctures. Each of these has its special advantages.


Acupuncture has a long and venerable history in China, and it is growing in popularity in the West. It can help in a very wide range of conditions and illnesses, even some which cannot be helped by orthodox medicine.  In a state of health, the body is suffused with vital energy (called Qi in Chinese medicine).  When one is run down or exhausted, this energy may become blocked or depleted, and there is no longer enough Qi for the body to function well.  At first this gives rise to tiredness and discomfort, but if this continues for a long time, real disease may develop.

Diseases can be cured by reversing the process – supplying energy where it is needed, and undoing blocks to its natural flow, using needles at specific energy points.


Sometimes the acupuncture points are warmed with a smouldering herb called moxa. Moxibustion is especially helpful for cold conditions, and for those who are afraid of needles.  It is moxa which gives the treatment room its characteristic smell.


A new development is the use of infra-red lasers for stimulating acupuncture points. It is completely pain free. The lasers used for this are so-called ‘soft’ lasers, meaning that they can be shone onto the skin indefinitely without any damage (like laser pointers which used to be fashionable).

Western HerbsSt Johns wort

Medicines from plants have been used by man since the earliest times, and plant derivatives are still widely used for a wide range of diseases in orthodox medicine (for example aspirin from willow and digoxin from foxglove).  In herbal medicine we only use non-toxic plants whose effectiveness has been verified over thousands of years.  They are gentle in their action, with no side effects.  In spite of being gentle, they may provide a cure for long standing conditions that cannot be reached by orthodox medicine.


This is a variation on traditional acupuncture where the points are stimulated by a minute electric current  (40 to 100 µA) – so small that it can hardly be felt.  Contact is made through a moistened cotton bud, so that the skin is not penetrated.