Teenage Depression

This DVD is a recording of a talk given at the acupuncture congress dvd teen-deprin Rothenburg-ob-der-Taube, Germany in 2011.  The talk was translated as I went along, but the german parts of it have been skilfully edited out, so that it is now in seamless English.

I have been quite pleased with the way it has turned out.

The DVD covers the origins, energetic imablances and treatment of debilitating depression during teenage.  It shows how it may have its origins quite early in life with an imbalance of insufficient energy (qi), or in the pattern known as Lingering Pathogenic Factor, which is often an unwanted by-product of immunisations.

In particular I show how depression that has its origin in energetic imbalances usually responds well to acupuncture, but if there is little or no energetic iimbalance, then other approaches are needed.

This DVD is mainly for practitioners, but it can be readily understood by anyone, except for the last part where the details of point selection are given. 

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