Healing the Eyes

Healing the Eyes with Acupuncture

I have just completed the DVD which helps practitioners to treat eye conditions.

Many people are surprised that acupuncture can be used for such a wide variety of eye diseases, but the DVD breaks down the problems into easily understandable units, and relates conditions of the eye to energetic imbalances in the body

Healing the Eyes with Acupuncture –

This 3-DVD set presents a comprehensive discussion of eye diseases covering:

  • Basic Western anatomy and disease categories, with illustrations
  • The relationship of the zangfu to the eyes
  • Channels and points, with illustrations
  • Worked case histories
  • Demonstrations of local and distal needling and moxibustion
  • Principles of treatment
  • Treatment strategies for common diseases including open angle glaucoma, optic atrophy, retinal bleeding, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, cataract, short sight, crossed eyes in children, conjunctivitis
  • Qigong massage for the eyes

Running time 4 hours 22 minutes

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UK and Rest of World £43.00