Stargardt’s disease

As with RP, there is a genetic component to Stargardt’s disease. However, the body condition has a strong effect on whether the irregular genes ‘express’ themselves. If the body condition is good, then deterioration of vision is very slow or even non-existent. In terms of Chinese medicine there is a condition of very thick phlegm, and it is noticeable during a course of treatement that patients who have never had phlegm problems start to develop a runny nose or even a slight cough.

There are two components to the treatment. One is to treat the eye symptoms, and the other is to treat the underlying body condition which allows the symptoms to develop. I have, in the past, given intensive treatments (10 treatments in a week) for the eye symptoms, but I am now finding that this is not necessary, and that treatments spaced out are just as effective, if not more so. I find that an initial  series of 4 to 6 weekly treatments is beneficial, with monthly treatments after that. As for the underlying body condition, that can take a very long time –  a minimum of a year of monthly treatments, supplemented by herbs. Often these treatments can be carried out by a practitioner local to you working under my guidance. As the body condition improves,  treatments can be spaced out with longer and longer intervals.