Chapter 1

I owe my long life to a BRI.  Those who have been to, or live in the glorious United States of America will know that over there a BRI is the medical term for a Bagel Related Incident, and it refers to the injury sustained when slicing a bagel with the knife pointing towards the acupuncture point Hegu, and slicing  bit too far.  But at the time if tis incident I was in England, where we do not have bagels, except at shops which cater for homesick Americans.  The BRI I refer to was a Beer Related Incident.  This was not, as you might expect due to a drunken brawl, or fracturing my ribs falling down the stairs, but took place when I was stone-cold sober.  There were, of course residual hop derivatives flowing through my veins, but the event took place before that sacred time of 6pm, when the sun passes the yard-arm, and one can take the first drink of the day.