Autism and Acupuncture

Available soon – publication date 28th October

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This book is for parent and practitioner.

The parent will find a clear explanation of the many factors which contribute to autism, and will find that it is not so mysterious after all. There is a whole chapter devoted to self-help.

The practitioner will find enough detail to enable effective support and treatment, together with an understanding of likely outcomes.


There are also a number of DVD’s based on lectures I have given over the years:


Healing the Eyes with AcupunctureEyes DVD cover
This is a comprehensive introduction (for acupuncture practitioners) on how to treat eye diseases.  It aims to give an understanding of how best to help your patients. I have made it with the help of Peter Deadman and Tom Kennedy who worked in the BBC.  I am very grateful for their contributions to the DVD. For more information, and to buy the DVD, click here.


Acupuncture Treatment of Teenage Depressiondvd teen-depr
This DVD is a recording of a talk to acupuncture practitioners that I gave at the congress in Rothenburg in the summer of 2011. For more information and to buy the DVD click here.