The gentle way to children’s health

Chinese medicine is good for both curing disease and maintaining health.  Children respond particularly well. Moreover there is the chance of curing a disease which might otherwise remain for life.

My preferred method of treating children is acupuncture, using the very gentle method taught me in China, but for those who find even this challenging, the acupuncture points can be stimulated by soft laser, or micro current. Both of these treatments are effective, COMPLETELY SAFE and COMPLETELY PAIN FREE.

I also prescribe western herbs. These are much less challenging than the Chinese herbs, and the normal dose for a child is just a few drops of tincture. For more information about herbal medicine, click this link.

Some conditions which can be helped:

Weak immune systemConstipation
Chronic coughDiarrhoea
Whooping coughADD and ADHD
ColicLearning difficulties
Ear infectionsFailure to thrive
Broken sleep, nightmaresChronic fatigue
Cerebral palsyAutism

For further information, either email me (see the contacts page) or view this download: Treating children

Children’s cornerChildrens corner

The clinic is very child-friendly. If there are brothers and sisters, they can come in and watch the treatments or just play with the toys if they like.

I have a special interest in children.  Early on in my practice I started treating the children of friends for simple conditions, and the results were so good that they all told their friends, and one thing led to another.  This led me to seeking further study in China, and learning Chinese so that I could read Chinese texts and research papers on paediatrics.  With my wife Teresa, I have written the textbook Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children.