Adult Health

Acupuncture is very effective for both acute conditions, such as back sprain and fevers; and for chronic conditions of all sorts. See below. Over the years I have seen many patients with many different conditions, and have developed an understanding of who can be helped and what conditions can be treated. If you are uncertain as to whether your condition can be helped, you can make an enquiry by email, or if you want to know in more detail, you may book an initial consultation.

I also use Wester herbs, prescribed on the basis of Chinese medicine. If you wish to know more about herbs, click on this link.

A few of the conditions that can be treated

Musculo-skeletalFemale conditions
Acute and chronic back conditionsAll period problems
ArthritisPost partum depression
Frozen shoulderAnaemia
Tennis elbowProlapse
Knee painLactation problems
HeadachesCough, acute and chronic
Chronic fatigueHay fever