Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

The Quicker Way to Health

I practice Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at the Bath Practice based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. Over the years I have focussed on three main areas:

Children‘s health and ailments

Pond3I treat wide variety of baby’s and children’s illnesses, and support children through times of stress. Some children take to acupuncture readily, while others prefer the gentler treatment of lasers, or herbal medicine

A wide range of adult conditions

Adults2Over the years I have built up experience in a wide range of adult conditions. I have a particular interest in finding out the root cause of a problem, which then helps to prevent it from recurring when treatment is over.


Eye conditions

SnellenAcupuncture and Chinese medicine are wonderful for treating many conditions for which there is no treatment in orthodox medicine. These conditions range from those caused by computers to those related to old age.


The strange warm weather is breeding odd diseases. Some people have chills, others fevers. If your child is prone to winter coughs and colds, now is the time to act.